Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New electronics developing....

Arduino UNO, uOLED-128-G1h,xBee Series 2, 18B20 temperature sensor, HIH-4030 humidity sensor, OMRON G3NA-220B SSR for heat element control. Still considering MAX6675 temperature sensor for foord temperature probe.
Ah, and still missing some MOSFETs for motor control.

That should do it. For new smoker electronics, that is.

This development version will have two-way radio link and some other more advnced goodies.
Old smoker decided to end its career by breaking wood feeder link when one woodchip puck got stuck and due to overpowered motor some parts broke.

I wonder how could I detect the current motor is using? That way the system could shut down and alert the operator when pucks get stuck and cause system overload.