Saturday, June 30, 2012

While waiting for the parts...

While waiting for the last parts for Mendelmax-3D-printer (last parts, needed first!) I had too much free time...

Back in Texas I had fully automated smoker (fish, meat) I had to leave behind when moving to Finland.
Now I have electronics ready for new smoker (V2, to be exact.)
See picture.
More explanations later, if needed. :-)
(Yes, there is a Pharos 500 GPS module involved in this build)

Now when the wirelessly controlled control logic is figured out, I need to find two 30mm wood drill bits (augers?) and some other parts before I can put this thingamajig together.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nuttin' much. Just parts update.

Todays status

Acquired parts:

M5 screws
608ZZ bearings
M3,M5 washers
M5 nuts
Blind joint screws
Lead screws
Belts & pulleys
Aluminium extrusions (profiles)
Stepper drivers
NEMA motors
Printed parts
Z shaft couplers
T-nuts or square nuts (Bought, not received yet).. After getting these I can start putting this together!
Arduino Mega2560 (Ordered from Chinese eBuyer... Need to pick up from PO)

Still missing:

8mm thrust bearings (will take stress away from Z-axis motors)
Idler stud
RAMPS electronics
Heat proof spacers
Power supply (12V,30A)
Aluminium sheet
Heated platform
Hobbed bolt
Hot end

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

eBay vs Chinese company

...and today mailman dropped note saying there is shipment from China waiting at local mail office.
The only thing on the way currently is Arduino Mega2560 which I bought from eBay.

eBay sent me message later stating the item I have bought has been unlisted and I do not have to pay or if I have already paid, I can open dispute case to get my money back if I have not received the item yet.

After some investigation I found out that it was unlisted because some Chinese company was selling
it with name Arduino (registered trade mark of Arduino Inc. or something).

Couple minutes later I got email from China saying "Please do not open the case, we have already shipped the item to you".

And now it is here, I think.

I still need RAMPS 1.4 board and some end stops for electronics and some t-nuts for mechanics.

Soon I can start putting it together.... Buahahaaaaa (evil laughter)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Edit: Update: Today mail and UPS grought some thin M5 nuts and 8mm steel rods & linear bearings!
Looks like I can start putting the frame together today after all!

One would not think that one of the most difficult parts to find could be M5 screws.
With help from local fastener store (Kärkikiinnike in Vantaa, go there if you need some not-so-usual fasteners) I finally got box full of hex-socket head M5-10mm screws. Just a small box, 500 of them. I will have something like 400 pieces left over after this thingamajig is ready.

Even more difficult to find are the t-nuts (or square nuts, they work too). Looks like I have to order them from China or from USA (Made in China too).

While waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive, I did some tapping.

Tapping threads to aluminium profile is easy. All you need is battery operated drill (= more torque), some WD-40 or CRC 5-56 and some time.

Profiles tapped. Now if I just could find those t-nuts I could start building the frame...

Overall status of the project:

Acquired parts:

M5 screws
608ZZ bearings
M3,M5 washers
M5 nuts
Blind joint screws
Lead screws
Belts & pulleys
Aluminium extrusions (profiles)
Stepper drivers
NEMA motors
Printed parts
Z shaft couplers

Parts needed:

8mm thrust bearings (will take stress away from Z-axis motors)
Idler stud
T-nuts or square nuts
Heat proof spacers
Power supply (12V,30A)
Aluminium sheet
Arduino Mega2560 (Ordered from eBay)

And that's it for now.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hardware acquired (mostly) update 23.05

Still needs some screws, nuts, washers, bolts etc.

Here in this picture below you see a very nice tablecloth that obfuscates all the plastic parts from clear view.
Those black plastic pieces will connect aluminium profiles together to form the frame of the printer.

Let's see what we have already.

Aluminium profiles from eBay, still waiting to get some more. €55.70 + €61.82
Printed plastic parts from Lulzbot $133.85 (104.82€)
Leadscrews and nuts, Belts and pulleys + bunch of bearings from Techpaladin $111.09 (86.99€)
Nema 17-motors from own warehouse.
Arduino Mega 2650 from eBay (not received yet) $24.88 (19.48€)
Pololu A4988 motor controllers from eBay (not received yet) £38.50 (47.61€)
Linear bearings and rods. eBay, 83.94£. (104.25€)

(Total 480.67€ with todays exchange rate. Not including customs fees etc 24.85€)

So that leaves something to find before this thingamajig can be built:

Screws. Lots of screws. (, waiting for the quote)
Extruder hardware (ultimaker?)
Hot end (ultimaker?)
Heated build platform (?)
power supply (

The only thing I do not have enough is time (well... and money too.).
 Since moving to Finland I have been too busy with everything.
As soon as I get required fasteners, I will start putting the frame together.

Anyway... Stay tuned.
(There is some fish on the bottom of the page)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slowly ramping up again...

Long time no nothing here due to relocating (to other side of world...).
But now I have again time to continue my wonderful hobbies.

Next project: "Rintteri"

(Picture shamelessly copied from

Details:  Mendelmax (3D-printer)
Reasoning: Will be handy when creating parts to other projects (Simulator etc.)
Estimated completion: Q3/2012
Status: Sourcing ongoing, About 30% of parts acquired (as of 17.5.2012 ).

For those interested, click here for full bill of materials.

Parts acquired so far:
- Alumimium profile (
- Plastic parts (, customs holding them as a hostage)
- Nema-17 stepper motors (from previous projects)
- Pulleys, belts, bearings, threaded rods+nuts (

Parts needed:
- Electronics
    * Ramps
    * Arduino Mega 2580
    * 4 x Pololu stepper drivers
    * 12V/10A power supply

- Linear slides
    * 10mm Rods
    * Linear bearings

- What else?
    * Heated print bed
    * M5x10 screws, 100pcs
    * M5 nuts, 100pcs
    * Some other hw parts
    * Time
    * Money

Stay tuned...