Monday, May 21, 2012

Hardware acquired (mostly) update 23.05

Still needs some screws, nuts, washers, bolts etc.

Here in this picture below you see a very nice tablecloth that obfuscates all the plastic parts from clear view.
Those black plastic pieces will connect aluminium profiles together to form the frame of the printer.

Let's see what we have already.

Aluminium profiles from eBay, still waiting to get some more. €55.70 + €61.82
Printed plastic parts from Lulzbot $133.85 (104.82€)
Leadscrews and nuts, Belts and pulleys + bunch of bearings from Techpaladin $111.09 (86.99€)
Nema 17-motors from own warehouse.
Arduino Mega 2650 from eBay (not received yet) $24.88 (19.48€)
Pololu A4988 motor controllers from eBay (not received yet) £38.50 (47.61€)
Linear bearings and rods. eBay, 83.94£. (104.25€)

(Total 480.67€ with todays exchange rate. Not including customs fees etc 24.85€)

So that leaves something to find before this thingamajig can be built:

Screws. Lots of screws. (, waiting for the quote)
Extruder hardware (ultimaker?)
Hot end (ultimaker?)
Heated build platform (?)
power supply (

The only thing I do not have enough is time (well... and money too.).
 Since moving to Finland I have been too busy with everything.
As soon as I get required fasteners, I will start putting the frame together.

Anyway... Stay tuned.
(There is some fish on the bottom of the page)