Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slowly ramping up again...

Long time no nothing here due to relocating (to other side of world...).
But now I have again time to continue my wonderful hobbies.

Next project: "Rintteri"

(Picture shamelessly copied from

Details:  Mendelmax (3D-printer)
Reasoning: Will be handy when creating parts to other projects (Simulator etc.)
Estimated completion: Q3/2012
Status: Sourcing ongoing, About 30% of parts acquired (as of 17.5.2012 ).

For those interested, click here for full bill of materials.

Parts acquired so far:
- Alumimium profile (
- Plastic parts (, customs holding them as a hostage)
- Nema-17 stepper motors (from previous projects)
- Pulleys, belts, bearings, threaded rods+nuts (

Parts needed:
- Electronics
    * Ramps
    * Arduino Mega 2580
    * 4 x Pololu stepper drivers
    * 12V/10A power supply

- Linear slides
    * 10mm Rods
    * Linear bearings

- What else?
    * Heated print bed
    * M5x10 screws, 100pcs
    * M5 nuts, 100pcs
    * Some other hw parts
    * Time
    * Money

Stay tuned...