Saturday, December 7, 2013

Home automation. How hard can it be?

Now when I have acquired some very nice hw from LowPowerLabs, how hard can it be to write a piece of code for it to control Nexa home automation modules?

The recent kitchen renovating project in our house made me think if I could control house fans, lights, car block heater etc. remotely without paying arm and leg for the system.

Long and exhaustive search in vast deeps of internet brought me to Lowpowerlabs website. They have a very nice system there:

Arduino-compatible Moteino-board with builtin RF transceiver for a very reasonable price!
And wait! That's not all! Those boards can even be programmed remotely over RF!
what a piece of hardware. Could be useful in lots of projects.

Now if I just could figure out a way how to control Nexa-modules ( with Moteino.

Nexa controls remote devices through 433.92MHz frequency with a quite simple protocol. 
People in internet have already managed to control those devices with Arduino and 'el cheapo' RF trasnsmitters. So how hard can it be to use Moteino for it?

Did I mention that one Moteino variant comes with RFM96HW transceiver? _Very_ long range. Perhaps I could use it to switch car block heater on and off during wintertime (car resides quite a far away from house) without using those pesky timers we have in every car heating outlet pole.

Hmm... perhaps the time itself could be in car instead of power pole... With remote control...
With Moteino... Simple logic like "if it is workday and not national holiday and google calendar has no "holiday" for today and temperature is below +5C and time is 6:10, heat on babe"... Sweet!

Now I just need to build that system... 

Darn! This home automation project is already getting out of hands.
Well... That's life, I guess.