Monday, January 24, 2011

Progress report

Howdy folks.

Today, after some wallpapering, house cleaning etc. I continued my little pet project...

The frame I made out of aluminium square pipe was not good. The frame itself uses too much space. So I designed a new one. Google sketchup is just wonderful piece of software. I measured all components, created simple placeholders for them and then put them together with some 2mm plate holding them in place. Measurements show the dimensions of aluminium plate to be cut.

Now when we had a drawn plans, started cutting:

Required holes were easy to make with a mini mill (to be converted to CNC mill later, I hope):

Then some bending with "el cheapo" bench brake. (Why it is called a brake?)

After a while this was the result:

Mechanical components and heating element in place, some minor adjustments still needed to make the sled to move properly.

After long and productive day, hot sauna and cold beer...
This is a new find, Liberty Ale. Smooth taste, but kinda bitter aftertaste. Not the best selection for after sauna beer.

Oh, and I just had to post this picture...
"Texas size parking spot" spotted in Texas.