Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smoke generator frame done (and some electronics)

Howdy y'all.

Smoke generator has achieved a significant milestone. Electronics module is ready for initial test runs.
Also the mechanics have advanced nicely, more about that later.

Here are the brains of my cold smoke generator. I let the picture tell more:

I finished the frame for my smoke generator and before going to bed I just had to tape all the parts to it just to see if they fit.

Of course the heatshields will be metal and so on but here is the all-telling picture:

How it works? Well... The "sled" retracts (to right) and smoke puck in magazine falls down to feeder rail.
Then the "sled" advances to left until the puck is pushed all the way to heat element.
If there is old charred puck on the heat element, the new puck pushes it away through some kind of waste hatch (need to figure that out).
While on the heat element, the wooden smoke puck heats up so much it starts smoking and the smoke moves through smoke outlet to the actual smoker.

"Magazine" holds now 8 pucks (+1 on the heater) so that should give plenty of smoke for 3-4 hours. I need to figure out some kind of external extended magazine for long overnight cold smoking sessions.

Must be external because the case of choice does not have too much room in it...

I don't think I will get this ready for this weekend but next weekend will be the first test for sure but before the first test I need to find out how unhealthy that army green paint is.